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Is it time for your chimney to be swept?

Having problems/issues with your wood burning stove or Coal fire?

Thankfully, chimney maintenance doesn’t need to be stressful, with the help from a local professional chimney sweep such as ourselves. We can arrange a day any time to suit you when we can inspect the appliance, sweep the chimney and diagnose any underlying issues and take the correct steps to rectifying the problems to keep you and your home safe.

The consequences from lack of chimney maintenance can be dire.

Chimney fires resulting from build up of soot/tar caused by lack of sweeping/incorrect sweeping can have a devastating effect on a house.

Not only this but fireplaces/stoves can be an expensive item to purchase and install so with regular maintenance you can protect your investment and enjoy it for many years.

Why choose us?

We have been sweeping Glasgow and the west’s chimneys since 1985, it’s a family business, soots in our blood not just our hair! We take pride in our reliability and taking care of our customers needs all year round.

As members of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps we have been formally trained and assessed to maintain a high standard of work, all for the benefit of our customers.

Furthermore we are HETAS trained stove installers, so we are more than capable of repairs/servicing and sourcing parts to keep your home fires burning.

Through out the year we take on a variety of jobs for both existing customers and new. From replacing chimney pots and caps to sweeping/testing chimneys before a new fireplace is installed. We re-line chimneys for new gas fires as well as multi fuel and wood burning stoves and of course regular sweeping, servicing and repairs to stoves/fireplaces.

Contact us if you think you might be in need of a sweep and we'll arrange a time that suits you to come out and have a look.

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